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I am "Peacock" of The Tobi Wan II

   I was "BITTEN" by the 'Gold Bug' while living in "The Great Land".  
After coming back to Oregon I was again able to get into 'Recreational
Prospecting'.  I went to the Bohemia Mining Days just about every year
and panned at the panning booth. I was often invited to enjoy 
prospecting on claims in the near by historic Bohemia Mining District.
We summered out on a friend's ("Renegade") claim for a couple of years
until he helped us find a beautiful claim just a short way 'Up-stream'
from his claims.  Ours is only a small, 20 ac., claim; and I am sure
that it has good gold; but it is mostly an nice summering out spot.  
I work the claim enough to be within the "Rules & Reg.'s." then we just
enjoy the 4 legged visitors and some of the 2 legged visitors. My 
disabilities make it hard to do much more then that.
   If you want to know more about me; 'The Peacock's Den'; gold 
prospecting; and other points of interest, flow the links.  You can 
also E-mail me.  I would like to hear from any Prospectors, M/D'ers,
and want-a-be's, (like most of us).  I'm also interested in hearing 
from any "Beach Miners" on the west coast -- or anywhere else.

Charles Donaldson

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